Carnival Care … During and After

Masqueraders enjoying themselves

Carnival has been calling me repeatedly for the past two weeks… and trust me, it’s been torture to not respond to that haunting call! Except I’m tucked away in cold Durham for the second year, making do with seeing and hearing the action via Facebook and You Tube. One more year and I’ll be back in the swing of things. And the sacrifice would be all worth it since I would be able to better serve you too.

But it’s not all sad news, I have a very inspiring acknowledgement to make. I want to congratulate those fete organisers who are realising the damage that can be done to the feet, and arranged for their patrons to have some respite from their heels during the fetes. Take a bow guys! We’re moving up and on, and I wish to encourage others to emulate this thoughtful and healthy move. I’m making a plea as well to individuals to assess your situations too, and stop throwing caution to the wind, literally…

So today the Merry Monarch has officially begun his two day reign. You would either be looking to head out for your band, or join the biggest band; that of spectator. The masquerader’s day is already predetermined, but as a spectator you can still benefit. As I always say,  it doesn’t make sense focusing purely on fashion over comfort.

During CarnivalPedicure being done


Dress up, look sexy, BUT remember:

-Be foot smart – you more likely than not have to walk a distance to and from the vehicle, so wear appropriate footwear.
-To interchange – too flat footwear isn’t good and neither is too high; a good compromise is to wear wedges…not too high but certainly wedges  provide more support throughout the arch.
-To do foot soaks – essential for soothing tired, achy feet at the end of the day.
-Massages help – foot and leg massages alleviate the pain or discomfort you may feel if you can get it done on your return home.


The possible ailments arising from Carnival are legendary as the festival itself, because of the indiscretions that occur. But of course that doesn’t stop us.


The friction from the sexy shoes and boots you wear over the season, and the boots you’ll wear ALL of Carnival Monday and Tuesday is going to be responsible for those corns. If you act wisely, there’ll be no corns!

Toenail Darkening/Separation

The number one reason people, especially the feters and masqueraders visit the Clinic for assessments after the Carnival season is because of the damaged toenails. The constant toe mashing that occurs is the main cause of the problem. Trauma occurs resulting in the toenail darkening/looking blood shot, or separating from the nail bed.


Many of us have biomechanical problems (our feet are damaged/out of alignment), and naturally our weight bearing differs. This, along with the amount of walking, wining and chipping we do would determine the areas we may tend to get callus build-up. Also, insufficient coverage via proper insoles or lack thereof, contributes greatly to this possible reality. Walking barefooted is another contributor, it is therefore not advised.

Pains and Discomfort

In many instances our feet are already screaming because of the amount of extra pressure placed on them. Sprains and edema (swelling) are common at this time; but proper/sufficient care isn’t as common. Pain and burning in the balls of the feet are also par for the course.

Soothing Tips

-Like the spectator, you too can benefit from foot soaks and massages at the end of the day.Foot Soak
-If you have insoles and hadn’t thought of using them today, please do so tomorrow.
-Use metatarsal or ball of the feet cushions to help in protecting that area, especially if you would be using high heel boots.
-Elevate your feet if you’re experiencing swelling.

After Carnival

When it’s over, the recovery process has to begin. Ensure you review the damage and make appointments to deal with whatever needs correction. The following would be useful:

-Pedicures – to deal with calluses, corns and general restoration of the feet.
-Specialist Consultations – to evaluate toenail damage and other issues.

-Sauna treatments – for general rejuvenation of the body. The Clinic now offers Sauna treatments for the feet which are quick pick-me-ups,  inexpensive, and a big hit with clients.

Sauna treatment


-Massages – greaFoot massaget on their own, but even better after a sauna. Chair massages are now available too, another inexpensive quick pick-me-up.

All in all, your feet are your responsibility;  do the needful to ensure they are in shape to take you through the rest of the year onto the next Carnival season.  Do enjoy yourselves, but please be safe…



Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!

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