Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome…Burning Feet Syndrome

Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome…Burning Feet Syndrome

Do your feet burn? If your response is positive, it does not necessarily mean that you have neuropathy. There are other causes and reasons why your feet burn. One such cause is called Grierson-Gopalan syndrome, also known as burning feet syndrome. The burning sensation, sometimes with swelling, is usually limited to the soles of the feet, but may spread to the tops of the ankles. Typically, the arms and palms of the hands are not affected. The condition occurs more frequently in women, with an onset between 20 and 40 years of age. It manifests due to some underlying conditions.

Symptoms of Burning Feet

Symptoms of Burning Feet
Symptoms of Burning Feet

 In some cases, the eyes may also be affected. On the outside, it may appear there is no underlying problem. The overlying skin and blood vessels may look normal, but some patients exhibit redness of the feet with warm overlying skin as in erythromelalgia. No tenderness in the area is usually felt. Additionally there could

Redness of the Feet
Redness of the Feet


– A burning or heating sensation in the feet, that is usually limited to the soles.

  • – In some cases, pain that may extend up to the ankles and lower legs.
  • – Feelings of ‘pins and needles’ or tingling sensations in the feet.
  •                            – Heat symptoms, which become worse at night time, and get better in mornings.

 Causes of Burning Feet

 There are many possible causes of burning feet syndrome. Overuse of the ankle, causing compression of the nerves running to the feet may lead to a burning sensation. It may also be caused by factors such as kidney failure, liver damage, thyroid problems, blood disorders, nerve damage, chronic alcoholism and ill-fitting shoes.

Other Conditions that Cause or are Associated with Burning Sensations of the Feet

  • – Diabetes
  • – Hyperthyroidism
  • – Psychosomatic causes
  • – Neuromas
  • – Rheumatoid arthritis
  • – Gout
  • – Vitamin B deficiency
  • – Athlete’s foot
  • – Foot nerve entrapment
  • – Gastric restriction

Other Causes include:

  • – Allergic reaction to socks or shoe material
  • – Excessive smoking
  • – Dampness coupled with friction
  • – Inappropriate socks
  • – Hot sweaty feet
  • – Irritating fabrics


X-ray to evaluate Burning Feet
X-ray to evaluate Burning Feet

 It is very important to diagnose the condition properly in order to have appropriate treatment. X-ray evaluation, along with MRIs are used to establish the underlying cause. Nerve conduction velocity testing is also done. Blood tests may be done as well to check for other conditions. Adequate history and physical examination are done before proceeding to the treatment.


Treatment of burning feet depends on the underlying cause of the syndrome. The conditions that cause or are associated with burning feet need to be treated first.


Other treatment considerations include:

Use of creams that improve the blood flow to the joints and blood vessels of the foot. Certain creams and vitamin B supplements can also be helpful in reducing the burning sensation.

  • Use Vitamin B Supplements
    Use Vitamin B Supplements

    – Use of magnetic therapy insoles to assist in relieving the burning sensations.

    Avoid drinking and smoking
    Avoid drinking and smoking
  • – Reduction/elimination of alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • – Use of shoes and socks that have adequate ventilation and are comfortable. In cases where it is a mechanical failure,      arch supports and wider shoes may relieve discomfort. If the underlying cause is flat feet, orthotics will help restore the  foot arch. Wearing cotton socks is also recommended.
  • – Soaking the feet daily in cold water for 15 minutes. This can bring temporary symptomatic relief. You should avoid    exposing your feet to the heat.

 Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!

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