Carnival Feet …Ailments and Treatments

Just as quickly as it came, it is almost over! A short season is a busy season, which equals busy feet. Were your footwear appropriate? I doubt it! The funny thing is, when you’re hyped, you don’t feel the impact. It is when the fete is over or you get home that the pain, aching, or discomfort kicks in. While high heels and high wedges continue to be popular, wearing flats is just as popular. Flats are just as horrible as wearing heels though.

After the fetes is Carnival Monday and Tuesday, hitting the streets walking, chipping and jumping. Some persons have hit the gym in preparation, while others walked or ran. Follow the tips listed to care for your feet, especially given the strain they are currently being put through.

General Tips

  • – Stretch your calves, especially prior to, and immediately following a long day parading the streets.Do calf stretches
  • – Avoid wearing 100% cotton socks, as cotton will remain wet after sweating. Instead,         wear   socks made of a Dri-fit  material.
  • – Use an absorbent powder on your feet and in your shoes.
  • – Wear a wide toe-box shoe to accommodate swelling.
  • – If possible, wear socks under your tights, (especially fishnets), to lessen the direct             pressure  on your toes.
  • – Be sure to trim your toenails straight across to avoid ingrown nails.
  • – Wear properly broken in sneakers or boots.
  • – Utilising non-supportive footwear like sandals or fit flops isn’t ideal for supporting the feet; neither are high heel boots toSoak out the tiredness  Say No to flip Flops     play mas in all day.
  • – Use Arch Supports (insoles), unless you purchase sneakers/boots   with proper cushioning. First time Masqueraders, are    especially   at risk.
  • – Purchase protective padding for the feet to alleviate the chances     of blistering.
  • – Soak your feet after a fete or playing mas and give them a good     massage.

While you’re stepping your way through the streets, try to keep an eye on the pavement.  Nothing is worse than rolling your ankle as you try to gracefully avoid stepping in horse droppings, or slipping on a bead.  If you do fall victim to an injury and develop redness, pain, swelling, bruising, or difficulty walking, apply ice and elevate the affected area as soon as possible.  If these symptoms persist, make an appointment with your GP or podiatrist to determine the extent of the injury and develop a care plan.

Ailments you may have to Face


Avoid corns and calluses - Use proper footwearThe friction from the sexy shoes and boots you wear over the season, and the boots you’ll wear ALL of today and Carnival Tuesday is going to be responsible for those corns. Think and act wisely; get the desired results…no corns!

Toenail Darkening/Separation

The number one reason people, especially the feters and masqueraders visit the Clinic for assessments after the Carnival season, is because of the damaged toenails. The constant toe mashing that occurs is the main cause of the problem. Trauma occurs resulting in the toenail darkening or separating from the nail bed.


Many of us have biomechanical problems and naturally our weight bearing differs. This along with the amount of walking, wining and chipping we do would determine the areas we may tend to get callus build-up. Also, insufficient coverage via proper insoles or lack thereof, contributes greatly to this possible reality.

Pains and Discomfort

In many instances the feet are already screaming because of the amount of extra pressure placed on them. Sprains and edema (swelling) are common at this time; proper/sufficient care isn’t as common. Don’t take your feet for granted, cause the effects at a later stage would make you regret it.

Home Care Tips

Your foot care routine is as important as doing your hair. Remember ladies, horrible looking feet and toenails put off people easily. But healthy looking feet are an attribute that makes every woman appealing! Doing a pedicure at home/getting professional one should be a routine.

Open-toed shoes are popular, but wearing them means your feet and toenails should look good. A pair of pumps can save you any time you miss a pedicure appointment.Elevate feet to reduce swelling

The average person’s feet would get sore, so soaking of the feet to soothe is excellent; along with elevating them, especially in the case where the person is experiencing swelling. Massage a cream or essential oil into the skin as well, to complete the process.

Seek Professional Care

Massages helpIf you have persistent problems after the season, it’s time to seek professional help. Experienced therapists would advise on the way forward … a pedicure/foot sauna to deal with the ills, and a sauna treatment and/or massage  to deal with the pains, and fall outs of not treating the body right.  Have a safe  and  enjoyable Carnival!

           Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!




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