Carnival Shoe Tips

Carnival Foot Health Review

Over the coming weeks the Carnival season is packed with fetes and other events, with the grand finale of course being Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The fetes are packed with eager ladies and gentlemen dressed to impress. The ladies, complete with their heels and high wedges; and the men not to be outdone with their pointed tips. It is a common occurrence to see women limping to their cars, with shoes in hands, due to hurting, battered feet.

Fashion kills; or as the saying goes, the price of progress is high! Are we really up for the consequences of ill decisions? Are you happy to be in pain, or discomfort, for days to follow, based on one poor decision? Why not wear sensible shoes and save your feet and back the pain, literally. Additionally, for the excessive drinkers, it isn’t the best idea to walk to the car tipsy, balancing in a pair of high heels or wedges.


It isn’t a fashion statement walking to the car barefooted; not only are you are at risk of picking up an infection, but also damaging your feet with something getting stuck up in the sole. Many may say I don’t drink that much to get drunk;  however, with a variety of free alcohol, it is easy to end up under the influence. And the balancing act in heels predisposes you to ankle sprains. What about J’ouvert, Carnival Monday and Tuesday? The impact on the feet is heightened, reason being, that there’s loads more walking, jumping and foot mashing occurring at these times.

As a feter, former masquerader, and more importantly a podiatrist, I’d say I’m well-appointed to advise on the welfare of your feet. Follow the tips listed below, and alleviate the reason for a visit. Mind you, they say “you can’t play mas and fraid powder”;  so be aware that amidst your best efforts, there is a certain amount of collateral damage that can occur. But in following through with the tips, you would either rule out the need for a podiatrist visit, or reduce the effect of the problem. With that said, don’t opt to not visit one, at the expense of the health of your feet.

Mirror inspection, check! Outfit on point, check! Excited for the fete! However, the only question that remains is… how your feet are going to survive the next few hours wearing those shoes! Sure they are way high; or a little uncomfortable; but they look amazing with that outfit… so it’s a must.

Podiatrist Tips for the Carnival Season

These are tips to see you through the rest of the season:

  • Lower the heel height – Lower the pressure, you might be a little shorter but you will be so much more comfortable if you get out of those high heels. High heeled shoes or wedges place more pressure on your forefoot and metatarsal heads.
  • Choose good fitting shoes to prevent blisters – The areas most prone to blisters are the toes, especially in shoes that have a narrow or tight toe box. Instead, choose a shoe with a round and deep toe box.
  • Stretching is the key – A long period in high heels will cause calf contracture, and put extra strain on your legs and muscles. Some simple calf stretching before and after, will make a huge ifference, and help ease the discomfort.
  • Protect your feet and change your shoes – Carry some thongs slippers in your clutch. If all else fails, and you or your feet aren’t coping, then change into these closer to the end. It is not a good look walking home barefooted. Not only is it uncomfortable, you are running the risk of foot injury and stepping on broken glass.
  • See a Podiatrist – You should have your feet in the best possible shape. Getting corns and callus removed, can be a big help to prevent blisters on the event day, and will go a long way to making your feet feel comfortable throughout the day.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the event. With these tips, at least your feet will be certain to come home a winner. If foot pain persists after two days, then make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!

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