Carnival Cool Down Effects

So it was a long season, lots and lots of fetes. Though it is a recession, you had a time, cause Carnival comes only once a year. As in the words of MX Prime and Ultimate Rejects, “recession doh bother we…we jammin still”. My jamming couldn’t occur due to a vehicular accident where I was ‘jammed’ from behind. Trust me, after being in the cold, I thought this Carnival was mine to “beat it…beat the road” but, unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned.

From the perspective of those Carnival babies who live abroad, was abroad for study, or couldn’t participate in the festivities for one reason or the other, I feel your pain. Therefore, legitimately, I can understand when the opportunity does present itself, it’s easy to just throw caution to the wind, and party hard… Not of course considering the impact on your body, and more importantly, your feet.

With so many fetes to choose from, it would have been hard for feters to choose just one or two. And with fashion being the main focus, it would have been difficult for most to choose comfortable and sensible shoes, over the high wedges, or ridiculously flat sandals. I looked at most of ‘Machel Monday’ via Facebook live, thanks to that young lady Theresa. It was a lengthy show, and the next day I was tired; imagine those of you who were there, your poor backs and weary feet! With a projected 90 fetes scheduled for the Carnival week alone, I could only imagine the wear and tear those feet would suffer. I have already had two patients who came in, due to pains from poor footwear worn at fetes.

The thing is, a number of you have the ability to go through the season even if pains start. It is usually on Ash Wednesday that the drama starts. From the pains and discomfort in the feet, legs, lower back…let’s just say the whole body for some. Let’s roll call the professions that will definitely feel the effects: from the calypsonians/ soca artistes and their bands, to the event promoters/planners, hairdressers, makeup artists, police, security personnel, bar personnel, and vendors.

Some of these people would have swollen feet by Ash Wednesday, if not long before. The problem with swollen feet is getting footwear to facilitate it. For those who wear heels or pointy tips to work, it may not be the best idea when your feet are aching or swollen. Wearing flatter, more comfortable shoes is advised for a little while, until the discomfort and puffiness goes away.

 Tired…achy feet?

Soaking…massaging…stretches…resting…icing…elevating are the home care solutions for your problem. Try stretching them out. Do a few calf stretches and pull your toes back to stretch out the arch of your feet. You can also try rolling your foot over a cold bottle. A water bottle works well for this, and will soothe your feet.

Are Comfort and Sexy always aligned?

Think about the hours you stood on your feet,  and the surfaces you stood on… typically on either concrete or grass. It’s a long time to be uncomfortable!

I would suggest, in future, either a wedge or low heel is going to keep your feet most comfy. A low heel, with the addition of a platform, can give the appearance of a higher heel, than what it actually is. This takes stress off your forefoot, and is less likely to have your foot sliding forward, and cramping up your toes. Wedges enable your foot to spread out the pressure. This way ,you spread your weight through all of your feet, rather than just the heel and toes. Wedges are also less likely to sink into the grass when it’s rainy.

Shoe Selection

Can you truly plead ignorance each and every time? Come on, a number of you come for consultations, and confess that you are well aware! Aware that the shoes are hard, uncomfortable, too high, or too narrow, yet you love it. You shouldn’t complain later on then… if only! Reality is you do; you need your doctor or podiatrist at that point to solve your problems. And that is what we are here to do, though health promotion and prevention is our main aim.


Generally, it is inflammation of the soft tissue that occurs, causing pain and discomfort, or that burning sensation that you feel. Doing therapies like massages, ultrasound, electrical, cupping and other varied ones, help, along with the home regime mentioned earlier, in improving the issue experienced.


Be it via the shoe itself, or an over the counter insole, either way, ensure there is padding to support your feet, and provide that extra shock absorbency that is needed. It may not eliminate all the problems, especially if the shoes are high, but it certainly would help your cause.

The Aftermath

With the partying over, are you planning a foot check? Now is as good a time as any, to check your podiatrist, to attempt to sort out the issues that have occurred. It is the perfect time when the feteing and mas playing is over, to deal with any areas of callous, toe nail infection, or pains/discomfort. These problems worsen if not addressed early. Don’t forget to give your feet a good foot soak and massage.  

Book an appointment to have a Podiatrist assess your feet and get them back to normal. Get a foot or leg massage; better yet, a full body massage to rejuvenate. For those with swelling of the feet, ice and elevate them; massages are an excellent choice for treating with such as well. Pedicures are also a great option for restoration. Finally, enjoy what’s left of the Carnival, and be safe.

Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!


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