Clinic Guidelines

Clinic Guidelines

Clinic Guidelines


Please call (868) 662-1732 to make appointments for ALL services. Advanced bookings, at least 48 hours before, are highly recommended; but same day bookings are sometimes available due to cancellations. Please use our Online Booking, or leave a phone message (if you can't reach us directly) for your appointments. All of these are available 24 hours for your convenience.

Time Keeping

Since we work by appointments, punctuality is of essence. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your appointment. We cannot guarantee your service will still be available if you are late. Regrettably, services must be paid in full if a legitimate reason is not given for your late arrival.

No Show

Please notify the Clinic at least 24 hours before, to change or cancel your scheduled appointment. If you do not show up for your confirmed appointment, it is considered a cancellation. You therefore will be liable for payment of that service at your next appointment. Do remember that such cancellations could deprive Patients/Clients with pressing ailments the chance to getting much needed treatments.

Appointment Cards

We give cards to regular customers only, as a reminder to help you keep your appointments.

Preparation for Services

If coming directly to the Clinic for a Sauna or Massage, please refrain from using oils, talcum powder or cream on your skin after your bath. If doing a Sauna, please walk with a washcloth for showering after your treatment, as well as a change of underwear.


Avoid shaving at least 24 hours before an appointment.


Be reminded to walk with appropriate footwear. If not, we have Pedi slippers for sale at the Clinic.


Please leave all valuables at home depending on your service. The Clinic is not responsible for loss of personal items.

Cell Phone Etiquette

To assist the Clinic in maintaining a professional, comfortable environment, we request that cell phones be silenced or switched off before accessing your service.


Gratuities for your therapists/service providers are at your discretion and payable by Cash only.

Customer Service

Please inform Management of any concerns you may have, regarding your service.