Initial Assessment
Initial Assessment

This incorporates:

  • A full medical history inclusive of medication, (bring medication list and dosage); and social history
  • A complaints and treatment discussion
  • Treatment and moisturising of feet
  • Prescription for Orthotics where required
  • Full vascular, neurological and range of motion assessments
  • Advice on structural deformities
  • Discussion/advice on complementary therapies if required
  • Footwear and emollient advice
  • Patient compliance, timeframes for home care/ follow up treatments
  • Referral advice where needed.
Wound Care
Wound Care

A medical history is taken and the wound assessed. The purpose of the treatment is to prevent infection; take pressure off the area (offload), if on weight bearing joint; clean wound; debride dead skin and tissue; apply dressing; and advise on home care.

Vascular Assessment
Vascular Assessment

Circulation in the legs and feet is assessed. This includes assessment of pulses with ultrasound and ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI). The patient is put into a risk category, and changes from their last review compared. Advice is given, and referrals suggested where necessary.

Routine Podiatric Services
Routine Podiatric Services

These include:

  • Update/discussion on medical/ medication/ social history
  • Complaints and treatment discussions
  • Basic vascular and neurological assessments
  • Range of motion assessments
  • Common ailments treatment and moisturising of feet
  • Footwear and emollient (moisturising) advice
  • Patient compliance, timeframes for home care/ follow up treatment discussions
  • Referrals advice where needed
  • Nail care – cutting, filing, and reducing via drilling
  • Callus (hard skin) debridement (removal)
  • Enucleation (removal) of heloma durum (hard corns), and heloma mille (seed corns)
  • Enucleation (removal) of plantar warts (fish eyes)
  • Padding and strapping
  • Silicone props
Biomechanical Assessment
Biomechanical Assessment

This is an in-depth assessment which includes:

  • Foot Posture Index
  • Gait Analysis
  • Measurement for leg length discrepancy
  • Weight and non-weight bearing assessments
  • Range of motion assessments
  • Measurement of foot size – width and length
  • Foot assessment and advice.

It is extremely beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs. Also, it is the starting point to understand the cause of the problem, and to establish what treatment or further investigations (x-rays or scans) are required.

This assessment investigates lower limb function, looking at the structure, alignment, strength and weaknesses and function of the body, in the feet, ankles, legs, thighs, hips, knees and lower back. Posture, arm swing, head and shoulders position are observed too. Abnormalities and compensations are observed, and where possible, orthotic or footwear interventions recommended, or referrals made, to the required health professional.

Often it is found that there is a deformity by way of:

  • Genu valgum (knock knee)
  • Genu varum (bow legged)
  • Leg length discrepancy (one leg longer than the other)
  • Hip dysplasia (abnormal formation or dislocation)
  • Excessive pronation (foot rolling on the inside excessively)
  • Excessively supination (foot rolling on the outside excessively)
  • Pes planus foot (flat footed)
  • Pes cavus foot (high arched foot).

The biomechanical assessment therefore focuses on assessing the foot in great depth, identifying what is causing the problem, and correcting or eradicating it. A thorough examination of the body’s structure, alignment, muscle balance and movement patterns are taken into account.

A treatment plan is finally tailored to patient’s needs, which may involve exercises to stretch or strengthen muscles, taping, orthotics, footwear advice, complementary therapy (ultrasound or electrical therapy), with  referrals as required. Patients are to walk with shorts (above the knees), and varied footwear used.

Neurological Assessment
Neurological Assessment

Sensory modalities, motor responses, coordination and proprioception (balance) are assessed. The patient is put into a risk category, and changes from their last review compared. Advice is given, and referrals suggested where necessary.

Nail Surgery
Nail Surgery

This includes two procedures:

Pre-operative Assessment 

  • Review of full medical history inclusive of medication (bring medication list and dosage), and social history.
  • Discussion of complaints and treatment
  • Nail surgery assessment
  • Discussion regarding the need for surgery, whether partial nail avulsion (PNA), or total nail avulsion (TNA) removal
  • Provision of pre-operative advice sheet.

50% downpayment is required prior to surgery.



It incorporates 4 follow up Review and Re-dressing appointments:

  • 1st follow up – 3 days after surgical procedure
  • 2nd follow up – 1 and a half weeks after surgical procedure
  • 3rd follow up – 1 month after surgical procedure
  • 4th follow up – 6 weeks after surgical procedure.

Procedure covers:

  • Local anaesthetic and phenolisation
  • Sterile dressing
  • Dressing pack for 2 weeks re-dressing
  • After care advice sheet.

Letter to employer is provided if required.

Diabetic Annual Review
Diabetic Annual Review

This is an annual check up for assessment of patient’s diabetic status, incorporating their vascular and neurological status. The patient is put into a risk category, and changes from their last review compared. Advice is given, and referrals suggested where necessary.

Connective Tissue Disorder Annual Review
Connective Tissue Disorder Annual Review

A medical history is taken to assess the patient’s current status. Persons with connective tissue disorders should have annual reviews to check on their condition. A full report will be given to the patient.



While facials may make you feel pampered and relaxed, health and wellness can also be achieved through them. The type of facial needed is dependent on your skin type. Some treatments are designed to deep-clean the skin, while others offer moisturising benefits; still others help to relieve stress, which often causes acne. To help you get the best results, we have chosen the Pevonia product line, which has worldwide acclaim.  Our main treatments are as follows:

  • Acne  75 Mins
  • Deep Pore Cleansing 75 Mins
  • Anti Aging 75 Mins
  • Exclusively for Men 75 Mins
  • Back 75 Mins
  • Luminous C 75 Mins
  • Mircrodermabrasion 75 Mins

Our products and expertise are backed by state-of-the-art equipment, along with a calming, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing ambience. An analysis is normally done first to determine your skin type.


The focus is more therapeutic than aesthetic with only natural nail treatments; Medical Pedicures are therefore done to assist with ailments such as:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Plantar warts (Fish eyes)
  • Psoriasis
  • Surface fungus
  • Discoloured/Infected nails
  • Cracked heels
  • Calluses & Corns
  • Thickened nails
  • Dry/Scaly feet

You can also get a Pedicure for general maintenance.

Sauna Treatments
Sauna Treatments

We offer Sauna treatments of world class standard, utilising the latest in Far Infrared (FIR) therapy, better known as dry sauna therapy. A commonly used treatment modality for chronically ill patients, it has many varying benefits, including as well as its natural effectiveness for providing stress relief. Some of the main benefits are

  •  Detoxification
  • Weight loss - FIR saunas are the ONLY natural, healthy way to burn calories without exercising
  • Strengthening of the immune system, thus increasing resistance to viruses and bacteria
  • Conditioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Increasing the heart rate to boost circulation
  • Improvement of the skin, including cellulite reduction
  • Reduction of pain and healing of injuries
  • Providing relief for arthritis
  • Assistance with cancer therapy

Use of the sauna has a cumulative effect on the body. The treatment is 30 minutes in duration, and you can burn between 600 - 800 calories in one treatment, the equivalent of the energy expended in a 6-9 mile run. There is the Foot Sauna treatment, which is of 20 minutes duration, very therapeutic, and is also a complement to pedicures.


Like with our Pedicures, our emphasis is more therapeutic. Our products and tools are reflective too of our focus, bearing in mind that we cater for seniors and persons with diabetes. We treat with the fallout from damaged and abused nails, (Medical Manicures), which include:

  •  Calluses
  • Corns
  • Discoloured/Infected nails
  • Brittleness and Dryness

Regular Manicures are available too.

ReBuilder™ Therapy

This is an electrical bio-medical device that arrests the progress of Neuropathy. It has also proven to be helpful with:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Sprains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Leg and Foot Pain
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Sciatica
  • Edema

Additionally, the ReBuilder™ stimulates the muscles of the calves to contract and relax, as if you are walking briskly in your neighborhood, to increase muscle tone, and blood circulation. Furthermore, it stimulates the brain to release endorphins (pain relievers made by your own body with no side effects). These natural pain and anxiety relievers travel via the blood and can relieve pain all over the body, such as arthritic pain and muscle soreness. It is particularly helpful in dealing with sleeplessness, a consequence of Neuropathy, and much more.

A consultation is required to confirm the need for this therapy, which requires a minimum of 12 half hour treatments, 3 times per week.


While massages have traditionally been seen as mainly a form of relaxation, it has been found that it can help as a complement for treating many ailments. We can testify to this as some of our massages are done in conjunction with other therapies, to facilitate faster recovery/relief from ailments such as stroke rehabilitation. Studies have shown they can be helpful for:

  • Stress relief
  • Managing anxiety and depression
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Blood pressure control
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Boosting immunity
  • Circulation issues
  • Headaches

We offer both Relaxation and Medical treatments.

Relaxation Massages 

  • Leg 30 Mins
  • Back/Neck/Shoulder 30 Mins
  • Waist Down 30 Mins
  • Aromassage 60 Mins
  • Full Body 60/90 Mins
  • Full Body Deep Tissue 60 Mins

 Medical Massages

  • Sciatica 30 Mins
  • Muscle Strains/Sports Related Injuries 30 Mins
  • Back/Neck/Shoulder 60 Mins
  • Waist Down 45 Mins
  • Leg 30 Mins

Waxing is a very convenient, cost-effective, longer-lasting and quick method of removing unwanted and unsightly body hair. As it removes hair directly from the roots, you don’t have to worry about hair growth for at least another 3-6 weeks. The benefits include:

  • No damage to your skin.
  • A softer, finer texture of hair evolves when it grows back.
  • Soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin, since exfoliation takes place during the process.
  • Retards hair growth after repeated sessions; as opposed to shaving which causes the hair to grow.

The following treatments are available:

  • Back/Chest
  • Full Face        
  • Upper Lip
  • Eyebrow Sculpting
  • Chin
  • Sideburns
  • Underarm
  • Full Arm
  • Full Legs
  • Half Legs


The Clinic provides discounts for members of the following organisations:

  • TTARP - The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons

  • T&TUTA – The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers' Association

  • Medicard

  • MyCard

  • BAHS Old Hilarians’ Association – Lifetime Members only

 Only one discount is valid at any given time, and is NOT applicable if purchasing Specials or Packages. Discounted services are payable by Cash or Linx ONLY.



We offer Gift Certificates at the clinic by request. Check us when you come in or call for more information.