Post Carnival Care

So after you surrendered your batty, pumped your flag, dropped on the ground and rolled; you are tired, getting some discomfort, pains even, a terribly damaged toenail, swollen feet, but you can’t wait for 2013.

A friend of mine was a first time masquerader, and knowing what that experience is like, I blackberry messaged her wishing her a safe and fun-filled day; she was super excited. By Carnival Monday night, the report – “Very tired, my feet are paining so badly, especially my toes. I enjoyed it though!”

On Ash Wednesday I gave her until after ten then messaged, no reply came until after eleven, expressing the fact that she had just gotten up. Of course my next question was how was Tuesday? Her reply, “I’m a bit broken up but I’m ok, last night though, I almost crawled from the car to the house”. Later on Ash Wednesday her status update was – “I could get addicted to playing mas.” And trust me, you can, it’s quite addictive!

For the next few days the Clinic wouldn’t be abuzz with masquerader issues yet, because people would be “resting and reflecting” on Ash Wednesday; just a lil bit too tired still on Thursday and then, damn, it’s Friday already; I’ll go to work fresh from Monday. If your parents are anything like my mother, however, it would have been established that “de people not paying you to stay home because you’re tired or in pain after playing mas”! That’s what I heard the first time I played, and my boss was surprised to see me, but I had no real option but to be there.

Carnival “Stress Away” vs. Post-Carnival “Stress Away”

Many of you “stress away” for the Carnival and now that the season is over, you’ll need to “stress away” again in a different kinda way. For the Carnival “stress away” you freed up; you wined low and jumped up. However, with the post Carnival “stress away” you wanna “soak and scrub away”, “massage away”, “cleanse away” and generally “treat away”. These things also have to happen when you get paid; cause it’s like the money “run away” or “waste away” over the season, with the feteing, clothing, costuming and such.

Is the excessive/intensive pressure placed on the body all at once fair? Let’s examine it:

Soak and Scrub Away

Monthly pedicures are supposed to be your reality anyway. Whether it’s at home or being done professionally, I can’t stress enough about the importance of foot maintenance. Especially, how a good foot scrub would have helped with easing discomfort, during the festivities. I advised my first timer girlfriend to do that on Monday night. For seasoned masqueraders, we know that the scrub and a foot massage work like a charm in preparation for Tuesday.

Massage Away

This would help alleviate the aches and pains in the legs and the rest of the body. An experienced massage therapist would be able to ascertain the necessary therapeutic treatments required. Another excellent form of therapy is Sauna treatments (particularly the Far Infrared), which clients at our Clinic are finding to be truly divine overall. It helps to release toxins and also relaxes the body, among a host of other benefits. Doing a Sauna treatment followed by a Massage is an amazing way to be renewed and re-energised.

Cleanse Away

Did you use sun block? The sun’s rays are very damaging to the skin and two full days being directly exposed isn’t good. Even with sun block, depending on the SPF, the damage could be quite extreme. Having a facial and if required, a back facial also would aid in restoring your skin.

Treat Away

To keep the pains away! Or to treat what’s broken or damaged you need to visit your physician/podiatrist/chiropodist/foot health practitioner for professional advice, and to get on the necessary treatment regime immediately. Damaged toenails and foot pains/sprains are the norm at this time so be pro-active and deal with it.

At the end of the day, a Trini can only be a Trini! We’re not going to miss celebrating our Carnival; so what we need to do is ensure that we take good care of our bodies to preserve ourselves for next year. To the Catholic community of which I belong, the Lenten season has begun. Let’s try as we always should to be slow to anger and reflect on God and his mercies. Make an appointment for me to assess your feet or to have a service done to rejuvenate the body.

Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!


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